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Reviewer Wido Smeets in cultural monthly ‘Zuiderlucht’, May 2019

’An exhibition that leaves a lasting impression’

Video report of the opening  in Maastricht

Video report of the opening in Liege by  RTC Tele Liege

The exhibition of I Believe | The World in a Suburb centres on the stories of the residents and communities of Bressoux, a small 19th century neighbourhood of the post-industrial Liège in Belgium.
The exhibition consists of 17 photograph series, 12 short films and an introduction film. All text is available in three languages: English, French and Dutch.

The first exhibition was in Maastricht and as many as 8,000 visitors from various countries came to see it. We are more than happy to help realise future exhibitions. Please contact Visto Studio’s HJ Hunter to explore the options!

A wonderful and enlightening exhibition” | Don Herman, New York, USA

“I don’t often comment. But I am impressed by this work” | anonymous
“Great exhibition! Nice photography, interesting content. When can we expect the book?” | Karel Blanke
“An excellent exhibition, looking at the complexities and challenges for all of us” | Joyce Rothchild, UK
“This is about something relevant and it is beautiful” | Liane
“Wonderful, so much dignity in so many stories! *****Plus” | Bob Dijkman
“Pure and honest depiction” | anonumous
An impressive and valuable image in time, it could be used by schools as part of the curriculum” | anonymous
“Great exhibition,a very interesting current topic, which should be highlighted more often” | anonymous
“Everyone should see it” | anonymous